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Registering DiskAid

posted this on December 19, 2012 15:31

Once installed DiskAid will offer it’s free features without registration and allow the trial of the premium features.

To fully unlock all features you need to register it using the Registration Key provided with a license purchase via email or upon checkout. This Registration Key matches the email used for the purchase, so please make sure it is the exact email address used at the time. A single license and Registration Key works both for the Mac OSX and the PC Windows versions and the process is the same, both are pictured below. 

If you have lost your Registration Key you can get it sent automatically using this form.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you run the very latest available DiskAid version (download it here!) and registration key (get it there!)

PC Windows:

  1. Open the DiskAid menu
  2. Select Register
  3. Enter the email and Registration Key and hit OK


Mac OS X:

  1. Click on the blue Register button or open the Buy menu
  2. Enter the email and Registration Key and hit OK


How to Unregister DiskAid

On both versions:

  1. Open the DiskAid menu
  2. Click on Reset to factory settings
unregister-pc-small.png unregister-mac-small.png
Unregistering the PC version Unregistering the Mac version
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