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How we use DiskAid and FileApp

 This article describes one of possibly thousands of real-life examples of the use of DiskAid and FileApp...


So I guess it's plain to say that we do indeed use our own soft. I mean, the whole reason that DigiDNA began was that there were two dudes who met up one day and one of them had some cool Music on his iPod and the other one wanted to get it onto his own iPod. Now they happened to be pretty tech savvy so they stretched out in their hammocks and wrote some code and voila! TuneAid got born :)

Since then, DiskAid came onto the scene and swallowed up TuneAid and the other softs that they had been messing around with (PicsAid and BackOff) to become the grandaddy of all Apple mobile device transfer tools. Concurrently, FileApp emerged as a solution to closed system of iOS Apps, allowing users to store, manage and view any iOS native file type. So the question is, how exactly can you use the two (i.e. DiskAid on your desktop and FileApp on your iOS device) in combination, most effectively? Well, here's my method:


step-1-36px.pngSet up DiskAid to connect to your device wirelessly. There is already a guide in our forums describing how to do this, but if you haven't seen it already, here it is:


step-2-36px.pngCreate an organized folder tree in FileApp. Personally, I have set this up to emulate default locations on my computer. Currently, I have a folder tree for each of Music, Video, and Documents, but you can create whatever structure suits you.




step-3-36px.pngLocate the folders you want quick access to and create shortcuts to them. You can do this by highlighting the destination folder and clicking the "Add to Shortcuts" icon in the toolbar. Then name your shortcut appropriately and click "OK". It will then appear in the left navigation panel of DiskAid






step-4-36px.png Now, whenever you want to transfer files simply open DiskAid, click on the shortcut you want, and then copy your files to/from FileApp on your device. You can either use one of the two "Copy to..." icons in the toolbar, or simply drag and drop to/from the DiskAid main window.




step-5-36px.pngCongratulate yourself with a pat on the back and then eat a frosty-fruit :)



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