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Vic December 12, 2012 DiskAid / DiskAid Troubleshooting

Follow the steps below before anything if you are experiencing issues in DiskAid:

1. Apply every software update available

  • For your computer:
    • Check your operating system: apply all available system update (Mac OS and Windows)
    • Update iTunes: select “Check for Updates” from the iTunes help menu
    • Update DiskAid: select “Check for update” from the DiskAid main menu.
  • For your device:
    • Connect it to iTunes: select your device and click the “Check for Update” button, even if it is stated that “Your software is up to date”!

2. Reboot both your computer and your device

  • You must totally power off both the computer and the device, not only shutting the display off. On your device you need to apply a long press on the power button.

3. Reconnect, relaunch DiskAid and try again!

Vic February 11, 2012 DiskAid / Frequently Asked Questions - DiskAid FAQ

If you lost your Registration Key, don't even remember having it received it, need to reinstall or anything you can obtain it instantly from our website.

Please use the appropriate form: http://www.digidna.net/lost-key


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